Erasmus life always sounds like lots of parties, lots of fun, lots of friends. 

In this world where we all feel so free there’s one really important thing we should not ever forget: consent.


Whether you are with a friend or with a lover or with a partner, although you are really enjoying it and there is consent, one of the two may not feel comfortable anymore in the situation and change their mind. Yes, situations can change suddenly. 


So, in order to live the best period of your life abroad, remember that only yes means yes. There are no excuses. Only yes really means yes.

So what do you do first?

Communication is the key. Always speak with your partner, ask if everything is fine, ask if you want to experiment new things. Don’t bother if your partner suddenly changes idea about what you’re doing, it’s right to reconsider and just stop. 

Not only, consent isn’t only verbal but isn’t about a provoking dress, a smile, a flirt. 

Before acting you need to have consent, whether it is an expressed “yes” or a nod. 

If the person is drunk enough to not be able to speak or understand, certainly you won’t have any consent, so that means no; even if the person can speak and says yes, that’s still a no. 

Don’t be scared to receive a no as an answer. A “no” may have you questioning, we are all scared of being rejected but it doesn’t ruin the atmosphere, instead asking increases the intimacy and complicity having you bonding. 


We’re speaking about consent so much these days because it is necessary to integrate this topic into our society. 

Sexual education is important in order to better understand ourselves, our feelings, our bodies, our boundaries. 

Consent is about respecting these boundaries and not crossing them. If we learn consent we can prevent attitudes, not how to avoid them.