To my present self:

You know these days have been tough, without being able to be close to those you love the most and you regret not having told them face to face everything you felt for them.

There are times when you cannot cope with the daily routine you are living and you feel you are doing nothing. But there are many times when the most important thing is «doing nothing» and having a day of meditation, for yourself, in which you do not feel bad about being in a complicated situation, that having bad moments does not imply that they are bad streaks. Because you know there are people who are much worse than you, and you can thank all the people who are virtually still around you.

One of the things which rewards you the most is thinking about everything you are going to do when all this is over and the ideal is to think this is a stage. It will all end, and you know it. You must take advantage of what you are living and convert it towards a few days of introspection, in which the minute passes too quickly to realize you have stayed at home for a month now.

Realize that you have learned and understood a lot of things.

All the people who will continue around you even if distance separates you from them. You learnt that what is truly important is not something material you can buy at any time and, you must take care, today and always, despite the circumstances.

Enjoy every moment and learn everything around you, develop the skills you have always wanted to acquire and blame yourself for not having done for not having enough time. He’s learned to bake bread, he’s started doing yoga (you!), And your phone skills are now higher than ever because you haven’t missed a single challenge. You’ve been thrilled watching a movie while eating a pack of popcorn by yourself.

It is already something, think about it like that.

Value everything you have and when you finally do it, it will pass. But you will have appreciated it.